Aneta Stach-Bemer

EU Trained Physical Therapist, Special Needs Worker, Bristol UK



Firstly I visited Dr Leah with a strong low back pain in 2009.  My back problems increased after ignoring what my body was trying to tell me. After Dr Leah examined me and adjusted me for two months, it return me back to work in normal life without any pain.

Then in June of 2009 was born our daughter Juliana Lokšová. We realised in a few days she do not turn her head to the left side or feed on the left - she did it to the right only.

That was when we decided to visit Dr Leah and ask her to examine baby Juliana.  Already after the first visit made gentle spinal adjustment Juliana make progress with moving her head and suckling left. In another few days she was able to turn her head complete normally.
Julianna is now eight and a half, good in school,  and active and sportive child.

Eight and a half years later I write a second time to update my thanks to Dr Leah

from both of us.  She helped our family and Juliana get a good start in life.

Marek Lokša - Nemecká, Slovakia

Results may vary from patient to patient

Mr. Kes Sapokas

Company Director

" I was injured in the Army and spent the better part of two years in pain. 
I travel from Swindon to Bristol to this clinic to see her because I find
no other treatment to be as effective. 
Both my parents also come from Wiltshire to attend this clinic.
I feel strong again!
Thanks Dr Leah!
Mrs G. Thompson, Healthcare Administrator

​​Results may vary from patient to patient​

Dr. Leah and Elina


" I have suffered with severe neck, head, and shoulder pain as well as migraine headaches for years. Having been to several chiropractors, I've felt great relief under Dr. Leah's very professional and qualified spinal manipulative care.  I have much less pain, more mobility, and no longer need daily medication. I would highly recommend this clinic."

Results may vary from patient to patient

Mr. Jason Packer

Clifton Rugby Club

Claudia Benedict

Early Childhood Educator


" I was exposed to medical radiation and it was brilliant for healing of my condition at the time. However ... A long term side effect of the medical treatment above was extreme stiffness of my spine and connective tissues. Now I'm under care at this spinal studio and much less stiff and more supple and my back is getting better. Rejuvenating! "

Results may vary from patient to patient



Dr. Leah pictured with Elina, the cutest patient of the month. She is from Łódź, Poland, and attends with her mum, Milena.  Spinal adjustments can, at times, help "little people" too ... Elina's mum reports good relief for herself & improved spinal health, and wanted the same for her family.

Results may vary from patient to patient


" I came with bad neck and shoulder pain and really stiff.  It was quite painful and things were getting annoying.

With regular spinal adjusting at this clinic,  it is much better and I am able to do more activities - in fact I am training for the London Marathon now and I have felt well enough to start a new company. 
Mrs Rachel Barber, Smart Ecology Principal Consultant 

   Results may vary from patient to patient



" Over the years, we've had a great variety of new patients - and we are still enjoying

helping each of them have happier healthier life

and better body movement.

Haven't you tried spinal adjustments yet?  
Try something different from the rest of the fish and we'll make sure you're a
suitable candidate for our care.




"I'd been having a back pain problem with my back for years by the time I came
to see Dr Leah the first time.
Sitting, walking, and even dressing had become a daily challenge for me.

Even after the first adjustment I felt a tremendous difference.  I have been sending many people to see Dr Leah, including work colleagues and even my husband.  The many people I've sent have really improved.  I trust her - she's competent and very thorough and careful, and I highly recommend this clinic." 
Mrs Aneta Stach-Bemer - EU Trained Physical Therapist, Special Needs Worker, Bristol UK"​
Results may vary from patient to patient​


Mr. Steven David

Fuel Systems Engineer, Airbus


"Having a fairly active lifestyle horse riding, downhill skiing and mountain biking, knocks and falls seem to be part of my life. 

I have been under ​Dr Leah's care for six years, and she​
 has always been able to remedy my back pains with care and compassion - without which, I'm sure my lifestyle would be significantly more limited.

   Results may vary from patient to patient


" My job involves a lot of heavy lifting and being on my feet 10 hours daily.
I'd got to the point where just walking brought me close to tears. I was suffering pain in my neck, shoulders, lower back and hips. Dr. Leah eased the pain straightaway and now I only rarely suffer mild pain, and plan to continue with her to keep it right.  
I highly recommend this clinic as a first choice - 5 stars"

Results may vary from patient to patient​

" I look forward to my adjustment from Dr Leah.  When I first came the middle of my back was very painful.  I was struggling to sleep.

Also, standing for long periods at events was really difficult.  
I'm so much better.  I feel good!"

Results may vary from patient to patient

*Below are listed a few patient testimonials (patient's own stories), which are given with each patient's express consent, and written in an informal format.

Disclaimer:  As a spinal manipulation care professional I treat conditions of the spine. I do not treat patients presenting for visceral complaints or internal disorders. These testimonials below do not intend to infer that a patient who has written a testimonial (below) was in any way cured of a visceral or organic complaint if it is listed below. These testimonials are only intended, by way of informing the reader, to communicate the patient's desire to share their spinal adjustments story as they've experienced their life improvements whilst a patient here in our spine and bodyworks studio, and we are providing a common venue for the patients to tell their testimonial in written form, but as if they were having a coffee or tea with you at home or a café.

In any doctor-patient type of relationship, the patient's experiences and the doctor's clinical judgment are two of three parts of what comprises Evidence Based Practice. In sharing these testimonials, patients or prospective patients should understand that patient's experiences and response to spinal manipulative care varies from individual to individual and from clinician to clinician, whether that be a physical therapist, a manipulative therapist, a chiropractor, osteopath, osteomyologist, or any other spinal manipulation health care professional, as life has many variables. And this does not constitute in any way a promise of the
 same results for another patient.

Regarding Children

This clinic realises that some people or entities are still apprehensive about young children receiving even judicious spinal manipulative care by experienced clinicians.

Practitioner experience needs to come from ever-increasing patient care exposure during clinical phases of training to an international standard academically and during intern/externship of the student practitioner.

Part of the didactics of training presently includes a docket of outpatient "doctor-patient" types of interactions in their respective spinal manipulative allied medical college training programme settings.  

In the opinion of this practitioner - knowledge is power.  For all health care professionals, exposure to a wide variety of clinical settings during the training stages of their respective programmes whether that be for allopaths, chiropractors, osteopaths, osteomyologists, or generic spinal manipulation professionals (et.al.) trained to an international standard - ideally, the goalpost for all allied fields should be some form of thorough house rotations through for example: paediatrics, orthopaedics, oncology, and neurology wards at least, and in the case of manual medicine fields, also - primary care orthopaedic consultations at every opportunity, and general primary care settings - in addition to their respective manual manipulation practical courses which have historically been designed to increase palpation, examination, and assessment regimes. 

In our clinic's opinion, such will produce better spinal manipulative care by clinicians who are then positioned to offer the best patient care going forward.

" To be honest, I feel so much better since coming here.  I'm a furniture mover and company owner - and beforehand, I had pretty bad spinal pain. It was hard to get out of bed. Not any longer! You should try this - Absolutely!"

Results may vary from patient to patient

Bob Jenkins

Owner, South Gloucestershire Taxis


" Initially I was suffering from a recurring painful low back that was wrapping round to my groin area after years of playing football,
and I found Cool Green Planet Spine Studio by chance.

As my job entails a lot of driving, my back pain got more problematic. The practice has made an amazing difference to the (above) pain I was suffering and I continued to visit for the excellent flexibility for availability as and when

I feel the need.    Highly recommended!!"
Results may vary from patient to patient

" I finally climbed Ben Nevis ... No problem! "
​"I had quite intense low back pain before I attended this clinic.
Following my care, I've been able to complete the above goal I had for a long time of climbing Ben Nevis. I recommend spinal manipulation at this clinic. "

Results may vary from patient to patient

Marek Lokša and daughter,

Juliana Lokšová​​


Rachel Folkes Barber

Ecological Consultant, Smart Ecology

Mr. Lee Stefano

Public Servant and Rugged Outdoorsman

Could It Be You??

" When I first came, I was struggling to walk, and was sure I would have to give up my athletic activities and leisure.  I count on Dr Leah's care as a lifestyle necessity.  I'm still surfing, cycling, and snowboarding, and I definitely think it's helped me to carry on with those activities. 
Old guys need this! "

Results may vary from patient to patient

" My back pain had been pretty bad, I was in quite a state when I first came to see Dr Leah, and I hadn't imagined I would get to the position
where I could train again and run a 10K. 

But I am running again due to much less back pain!  This is the longest distance I've been able to run in twenty years.  My 10K time of 54min 25sec is more than I could have ever hoped for - Really Pleased! "

   Results may vary from patient to patient

Mr. Steve Black

Systems Engineer

Ian Taylor

Private Sector, MOD Abbey Wood

Maryam H-S.

Assistant Retail Manager, Longwell Green


" When I first came to Dr. Leah, who sorts out my spine with her adjustments, I struggled with walking due to spinal pain. What originally was painful to do - is now enjoyable, and it's  just fun to be able to walk and work and be more active, and I reduced my medication by half. Your back is like a car - If you service it properly, it runs properly.   I feel better! "

Results may vary from patient to patient


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" My GP in Stoke-on Trent sent me for an MRI of my spine due to ongoing back issues. The results said that I have annular tear at L4-  L5 in the low back, and was told there was 'nothing they could do about my pain'. But I've been since attending Dr. Leah at this clinic, due to a family referral, I drive from Stoke to see her. Fantastic! "


Results may vary from patient to patient

Mr. Adam Fray

Estate Agent

" I came to Dr. Leah with chronic rugby related neck pain and low back pain, and as a property developer, I do manual work.  I am exceptionally pleased with the care I received and continue to be a long term patient for years.
In my personal opinion, you'll not receive attention like this from others and I would not still be playing rugby without her care.  5 stars! "

Results may vary from patient to patient

As a clinic, we are honoured to re-introduce these two specific patient

cases from Slovakia and eight and a half years on...  (Feb/2018) - Dr Leah

 "I am happy to still be in touch with Dr Leah even though it is

       many years since we move back to Slovakia.  I think she is very kind person and truthfully cares about her patients. 

Richard Deighton

Engineering Project Manager

Debbie Cox

Custody Detention Officer


Mrs George Thompson, Swindon, Wiltshire


Mr. Andrew Prince

Warehouse  Operative