FEE SCHEDULE (basic - see our superbill invoice for a full fee schedule)
£  39.00             New Patient Exam
£  35.00             1st Adjustment/Single Visit
£  65.00             2 Visit Block/1 Month
£  95.00             3 Visit Block/1 Month
£121.50             4 Visit Block/1 Month


We only rarely refer patients for an x-ray and only when absolutely necessary according to the clinician's training and experience.

Our blocks of visits are short (not exceeding a month) and must be used within one month's time, in order that patients do not feel pressured to receive care, but have the opportunity to make the care more accessible in the short term by helping make it affordable in the initial stages of treatment if a new patient (for example) requires more care when acute (or exacerbation/flare up later).

 It is always up to you, how much spinal manipulative care you receive.

N/B: We are Spinal Manipulation Professionals, and have retired our "chiropractor" title in the UK, after more than twenty years of successful chiropractic practice and no patient complaints whatsoever.

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