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Dr Leah Remeika-Dugan

83a Gloucester Road Patchway Bristol Avon BS34 5JQ England GB

+44 (0)117 969 7553  or Mob: +44 (0)751696 1804


fat free cycle ©

in October 2015

Dr Leah and her kind patient, Alex, who did the Fat Free Cycle with her. They cycled from Bristol all the way to Stonehenge on behalf of the clinic and to get rid of literally tons of fat along the way!  It raised peaceful funds for repairs and it was a great day too!   

Awarded the 2017 Book Local Community Choice Award for top Spine and BodyWorkds Studio in Bristol, "for their commitment to excellence in providing the best level of customer service to their customers on an ongoing basis"

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​​The Baxter's Loch Ness Marathon in Inverness, Scotland​ in October 2010

​Pictured here historically is Dr. Leah and her late husband, Eddie who completed the marathon together in support of two health charities.
Their marathon efforts in 2010 on behalf of

The Christian Chiropractors Association,

Chiropractors With Compassion,
and the Alliance of UK Chiropractors,

were generously supported by their patients and friends.

N/B: All the above agencies were prior to retiring the chiropractor title. 

 2009-2018                         2015 & 2017                                2018 

"This was an unsolicited, unexpected and independently chosen award for which we are grateful." ...

Dr Leah Remeika-Dugan, Doctor of Chiropractic Qualification 1997

Spinal Manipulation Professional

N/B: Dr Leah is a  successful former chiropractor with 25 years association both academically and then clinically with the field of chiropractic -  but she is no longer a chiropractor.   



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Dear Prospective Patient(s) - We may not be able to respond to all requests due to sheer volumes, and so we advise you that when writing, phoning, or visiting us, please make sure your request is unfeigned and as authentic as possible.  We'll use the guide of our more than 20+ years of successful clinical experience as our frame of reference.

Also N/B (please note):  Enquiries and Visitors by Appointment Only.  Unusual requests that do not fall within our 20+ years of wide experience will be refused.

If that happens to you, please seek alternative forms of help, either through the NHS, 111, NHS Direct, or Out of Hours, or another practitioner (just like you found us!)
Best Wishes,
Dr Leah


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