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§§ The Yocale Book Local Award 2017 was completely unsolicited and a selection based on verification by themselves of the authenticity of our patient reviews.  We were selected for the book local community choice award, for "our commitment to excellence in providing an excellent extremely high level of service to our customers on an ongoing basis".  Yocale offer a booking service but we opted out because of the number of patients we already have.  We do not pay a fee for this listing.

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Leave Your Back in Our Hands 

Located conveniently on the A38 Gloucester Road in North Bristol, in Bristol Patchway, and less than 5 minutes from the M4 and M5, and 17 minutes from the Bristol City Centre on the First Bus 75 service, which stops just outside our door (get off at the first Patchway stop going north from the City Centre, just after Royal Mail flyover, Kwik Fit, and by Lloyds TSB), and by the new Charlton Hayes housing estate.

​Spinal Manipulative Treatment / Care:

The success of fields of spinal manipulation care, such as chiropractic, osteopathy, osteomyology etc... has always been based on what we call the spinal adjustment.  We use various adjustment techniques bespoke to each patient, at this clinic.

We are a Spine and BodyWorks Studio in Bristol, and offering spinal manipulative care - which sometimes presents with concomitant symptoms of: sciatica back pain, acute neck pain, chronic neck pain, migraine, what layman sometimes refer to as slipped disc or lumbago, cervicogenic (neck related) headache, cervicogenic (neck related) dizziness, and extremity joint pain (which lay people commonly call hip pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, elbow pain, knee pain) though at times the above-listed 'conditions' and many other conditions simply coincide.

We also offer healthy lifestyle spinal health care and have had numerous patients reporting improved functionality by improving their spinal health including all sorts of people: babies, infants, mums and dads, families, men and women from all walks of life - and we have helped athletes and other people with injuries obtained during athletic or physical activities, and all people looking to improve their life's activity levels and overall functional health through active spinal manipulative care.​

We have patients from and are serving the areas of Bristol Patchway Parkway Charlton Hayes Aztec West Bradley Stoke Little Stoke Stoke Gifford Almondsbury Henleaze Sea Mills Westbury-on-Trym Filton Horfield Frenchay Southmead Rudgeway  Winterbourne Yate Chipping Sodbury Iron Action Emersons Green Lyde Green Southmead St Pauls St George Stoke Bishop Clifton Thornbury Windmill Hill Frome Valley Cotham Cabot Bishopston Bedminster Nailsea Portishead Weston Super Mare Easton Ashton Blackberry Hill Redland Ashley Down Clevedon Wotton-under-Edge Fishponds Frampton Cotterell Olveston Alveston Severn Beach Wickwar Tormarton Staple Hill Mangotsfield Shirehampton Dursley, and patients attend from as far away as Stoke-on-Trent, London, Crawley, Wiltshire, MOD, Chepstow, Cardiff and Maidenhead.

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The above Big Idea video content has been produced by a third party to be helpful, and the website is for general educational purposes it does not imply that specifics are prescriptive for a particular patient's case, nor does it imply that we are chiropractors in the UK, as that qualified title has been de facto retired in the UK, after more than twenty years of successful practice and absolutely no patient complaints whatsoever.  Please discuss your case with a competent spinal health care professional, such as a physical therapist, osteopath, a chiropractor or other spinal manipulation professional. 

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The flexiblilty and strength of a healthy spine is a curvy weight bearing support for your body, much in the same way as this suspension bridge moves and yet supports those persons who walk across it's wooden slats or beams.
When we bend, lift, run, twist, jump, sit, stand, play sports, turn our heads, move... we apply forces to our spine and its' moving parts and supportive ligaments.
To maintain our best form, it is important that we preserve normal spinal alignment to prevent irritation of our spinal cord and nerves, which are housed inside the spine and skull

TEL:  0117 969 7553

MOB: 075 1696 1804

What Do Our Patients Say?


     - from our patient, Mr Steve Black​

If we can, we'll try and help you  - after you come in for a thorough exam, history taking, & evaluation. 

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Dr Leah Remeika-Dugan, Doctor of Chiropractic Degree 1997, not a doctor of medicine.  We have retired our "chiropractor" title in the UK after more than twenty years of successful practice and no patient complaints whatsoever. Simply - We Are Spinal Manipulation Professionals.

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Looking for a Help With Back Pain or Sciatica in Bristol?

This Bristol Spine and BodyWorks Studio is as close as the Telephone: 0117 696 7553 or Mobile: 075 1696 1804

Welcome to

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Cool Green Planet A Healthy Spine Place 

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​​​​​​Dr Leah Remeika-Dugan BSc, DC, IDE


Tier 2 Expert: Association of Personal Injury Lawyers UK

Royal Society of Medicine Senior Associate Member

Am. College of Chiropractic Orthopaedists, Retired Member

Am. College of Preventative Medicine Member 

*Doctor of Chiropractic Degree Qualification 1997

Merit Scholar Western States Chiropractic College 1993-94

N/B: * Dr Leah has  categorically retired her UK Chiropractor title  2018 & is now a Spinal Manipulation Professional.

Below are some short courses she attended whilst a UK Chiropractor (though she is no longer a UK chiropractor):

Harvard Medical School -

- 35.0 AMA Category 1 credits Pain Medicine Certificate 2015

Harvard Medical School -

-15.75 AMA Cat 1 credits Lifestyle Medicine Course 2016

Palmer Chiropractic and Pepperdine University California -

​- 44 Hour Certificate as QME, Ind. Disability Examiner 2005


Dr Leah Remeika-Dugan, qualified as a Doctor of Chiropractic 21 years ago, but she retired her UK title of "chiropractor" in 2018 after over twenty years of successful practise and no patient complaints whatsoever.  To clarify, she is also not a doctor of medicine.  Dr Leah is the owner and clinic director of Cool Green Planet Healthy Spine Place Ltd.   She is widowed from her dear husband, Eddie, who was also a Co-Founder and Office Manager of the clinic. She has one adult daughter who is a qualified midwife and served as a medical missionary. She's previousy owned two successful chiropractic clinics in the UK over the past twenty years, and now owns a Family Spine Studio in Bristol UK and owns other similarly focussed endeavours in the EU. 
She gained her Bachelor of Sciences from St. Louis University over thirty-five years ago, and then later her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in America. 
More recently in December 2016, Dr  Leah completed more post-graduate education in a CME course in Lifestyle Medicine, in Boston at Harvard Medical School where she participated as an invited chiropractor (prior to retiring that title in the UK) to join the course, as well as a multi-disciplinary neuro-orthopaedic pain management course in Norway in 2018, amongst other courses.  Previously she also completed a short CME course at Harvard Medical School (when previously a chiropractor) in Pain Medicine in 2015, and in October 2010 well before retiring her UK 'chiropractor' title - she completed a Harvard Medical School another minor short CME course in Neurological Emergencies. These were Neurological Case Studies in Critical Diagnosis.   She also completed a WEM expedition and wilderness medicine rescue survival course in the UK, which was  supplemented in winter with an arctic survival cross-country skiing emergency first aid & rescue course experience, trek skiing across northern lapland pulling a survival rescue pulk.